Level Tumbling

Level tumbling is a skills progression program designed to keep our All Star athletes working toward perfecting their technique and acquiring new tumbling skills. The color-coded curriculum provides clear guidelines on which skills have been mastered and those that still need work. Athletes receive an initial evaluation at tryouts and are assigned their starting level and color. Then, shortly before each new session (approximately every 10 weeks), athletes are re-evaluated to assess skill growth.

At each evaluation, coaches provide feedback that includes which classes would benefit the athlete as they push toward the next skill. The entire program is outlined from level 1 all the way though level 5 so there is always a goal to reach.

The system is a great way for athletes, and their parents, to keep tabs on they skills that are needed and celebrate the ones that are attained. We wish all of our All Star athletes the very best of luck this season and can’t wait to see you LEVEL UP!