Booster Club

The Booster Club is a parent-run fundraising organization that helps support all athletes and their families. It is a 501(3)c non-profit group which holds a chapter of by-laws and works side by side with gym ownership to promote goodwill and team spirit with individual athletes, team and at gym events yearlong.

This fundraising helps to pay for athlete’s uniforms, some travel expenses and competition fees. The booster club also works to provide behind-the-scenes funding for facilities improvement and equipment.

The goal of the booster club is to help all athletes so it is important that every parent get involved, not only for your own athlete, but for the benefit of all teams. Parents are asked to become booster club members and help volunteer their time throughout the year. In addition, one team representative will be asked to attend all general club meetings to ensure each team receives booster club updates.

The club’s current governing body operates out of the GymTyme Illinois location. The Georgia charter will start up after 2015-16 tryouts. Membership fees will be due.